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Pivotal Moments Candle ("Luminosity")


Illuminate Your Journey: Unveiling Pivotal Moments by Just Jeannie. Our debut candle, "Luminosity," is not merely a beautiful fragrance; it's a holistic experience designed to inspire your personal evolution and growth.

In the warm glow of "Luminosity," we invite you to embrace your brilliance, your clarity of purpose, and the radiance of your individuality. The scent of Luminosity is a finely-tuned symphony of top notes—Sicilian lemon, kafir lime, bergamot, jasmine, muguet, and basil—that elicit a range of positive and enlightening emotions.

But the "Luminosity" candle is more than its captivating fragrance. It's a symbol of empowerment and self-discovery. When you light "Luminosity," you're not just filling a room with a scent; you're filling it with intention.

This candle serves as a shining beacon, guiding you through your Pivotal Moments and inspiring clarity, moments of brilliance, and a readiness to pivot toward the extraordinary.

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